“What does mHealth need? How about a doctor”

What does mhealth need how about a Doctor

This excellent article by Eric Wicklund, Editor, mHIMSS, touches on the mHealth opportunity that arises from finding champions and shining the spotlight on their work.

Regular readers will be aware that this I also think this is key (eg. we “shouldn’t have Doctors writing off the value of their colleagues in “today’s technological world” or referring to them as merely a “gateway to subspecialists or technology tests” but finding Doctors we can champion that are seizing the future opportunities that exist today“) and I personally think the mHealth Summit organisers are consistently excelling in this area having created and built THE global stage for mHealth whilst showing an incredible commitment to market research and industry engagement while responding so effectively to the feedback they receive.

Unfortunately I get the feeling that reporters like Eric are going to have to take it upon themselves to find these champions because not only are (as he makes clear in the article) most “too busy to attend a conference” but also the private and highly regulated nature of a Doctors work will continue to make it a lot harder for them to actively promote their good work and innovations – especially when they want to stand out in an environment like the mHealth Summit where they need to compete for attention alongside multibillion dollar tech firms.

It’s disappointing that Eric didn’t get a chance to pop by our booth #200 where we were visited by lots of practicing Doctors and would have been only too happy to have connected him (via transatlantic HD Video Calls on Samsung Galaxy 7.7 Tabs or indeed the device in his own pocket!) with our Doctors here in the UK and Ireland. He could have also met in person with practicing clinician Dr Chris Bickford MD from La Jolla, CA, who is working with us to get the 3G Doctor service approved and launched in the USA.

Dr Chris Bickford 3G Doctor USA

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