For £60 British Pharmacy chain will deliver to any address in London within 2 hours a “Festive Aid Kit” including emergency contraceptive pill and STI test

The Sun Festive Aid Kit

A client I consult to sent me this link to a news story about a “Festive Aid Kit” being sold/delivered in the London area by Llyods Pharmacy’s online Doctor prescribing service Dr Thom asking me how talking a mobile first approach might be able to make a difference:

Llyods Pharmacy Dr Thom Festive Aid Kit

Identifying the 12th of December as the day of the year when there is the highest demand for the emergency contraceptive pill (as in the linked news story this is often inaccurately referred to as the “morning after pill“) has provided a timely news interest link for the mail order medication service this Pharmacy chain is marketing in the approach to the new year and it’s a wonder that public health safe sex campaigners are so slow off the mark with the preventative opportunities if this is data that is already widely known by those working to increase awareness of safe sex practices.

So how could this look if it was designed with a mobile first approach?

Imagine if a retail pharmacy (or the NHS Sexual Health service, a family planning charity, etc) teamed up with a regional taxi firm to launch a 24×7 condom delivery service?

Using the same SMS shortcode that they use to accept charitable donations could you imagine how easy it would be to let people request and pay for the delivery of condoms whenever/wherever they need them?

Imagine the potential to send personalised educational mobile video content to individuals at a time when they are planning to have sex.

As simple as voting for Pop Idol: All a potential customer would need to do would be to send a £5 premium SMS to the advertised shortcode including details of their address and the nearest driver (all drivers could carry discrete envelopes and supplies in their vehicles/delivery bikes and deliveries could be allocated based on their proximity to the customer making the request) could be posting them through their door inside the hour (with a SMS confirmation/receipt of course).

If you’re wondering who’s going to pay, consider the retail mark up on condoms, appreciate the treatment costs of sexually transmitted diseases in the USA it’s been calculated that STDs cost the healthcare system $17 billion per year and try to imagine the cost to individuals in immediate and long-term health consequences.

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