mHealth events for 2013

In 2010, 2011 and 2012 I compiled posts documenting mHealth themed events and it’s become a useful resource for those looking to get involved in the growing number of industry events that are taking place.

After returning from the mHealth Summit in Washington DC (the premier annual industry event that in 2012 was attended by 4,050 delegates and 300 exhibiting companies – up from 3,000 delegates/220 exhibitors in 2011) it’s great to see the momentum continuing to build not just in quality and size but also in the number of events (2 in ’09, 48 in ’10, 78 in ’11 and 100 in ’12).

It’s also great to see that online networking opportunities have expanded considerably eg. the mHealth networking group (check out some member introductions here if you’re not already a member) that I set up on Linkedin in 2008 has doubled in size over the last 12 months.


Digital Health Summit, Las Vegas, USA
9 January 2013

Mobile Healthcare Summit, Toronto Airport, Canada
30-31 January 2013

Healthcare Apps – Maximising the impact, Liverpool, UK**
1 February 2013

Health2.0Dublin, Dublin, Ireland**
6 February 2013

Mobile Monday Dublin: Opportunities in Mobile Health, Dublin, Ireland
11 February 2013

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain *
25-28 February 2013

HIMSS 2013, New Orleans, USA
3-7 (4) March 2013

Health 2.0 Stockholm: Your Health in Your Pocket
6 March 2013

MobileMonday Austria: The Smartphone Your Doctor of Tomorrow?, Vienna, Austria
11 March 2013

mHealth Pharma Masterclass, London, UK **
15 March 2013

eMarketing and Mobile Europe, Barcelona, Spain **
19-21 March 2013

SVForum: Mobile Health – A leading association’s perspective
4 April 2013

YTH Live, San Francisco, USA
7-9 April 2013

MedeTel, Luxembourg
10-12 April 2013

Health 2.0 Manchester: How can mHealth transform the way healthcare is delivered?, UK **
11 April 2013

“Mobile Health: Will Wireless Devices Help Solve the Nation’s Health Crises?”, Washington DC, USA
16 April 2013

TedMed, Washington DC, USA
16-19 April 2013

“MovingLife” mHealth conference, Brussels, Belgium
18 April 2013

Using apps to transform healthcare delivery, RSM, London
18 April 2013

MobileMonday Belfast: New Developments in mHealth, Belfast, UK
29 April 2013

Legal & Business Guide to mHealth & Wireless MedTech, Washington DC, USA
29 April – 1 May 2013

American Telemedicine Association 2013, Austin, Texas
5-7 May 2013

Body Sensor Networks 2013, MIT, Cambridge, USA
6-9 May 2013

QuantifiedSelf, Amsterdam, NL
11-12 May 2013

mHealth Networking Group Meetup, Dublin, Ireland
12 May 2013

mHealth Symposia, eHealth Week, Dublin, Ireland **
13-15 May 2013

Telehealth & Telecare Summit, Glasgow, Scotland **
15-16 May 2013

Apps for Health, Ontario, Canada
16 May 2013

mHealth Workshop, Guatemala City, Guatemala
20-21 May 2013

Designing for mHealth, Copenhagen, Denmark
30 May 2013

Medical Apps, Stuttgart, Germany
3-4 June 2013

Worlds in collision: Is mobile technology challenging conventional telemonitoring?, London, UK
6 June 2013

Doctors 2.0 & You, Paris, France
6-7 June 2013

Digital Health Forum, London, UK **
11 June 2013

Publicis Healthcare: ThinkDigital, London, UK **
13 June 2013

Nuance Healthcare Global Partner Event, Lisbon, Portugal **
13-14 June 2013

Mobile Healthcare Summit, San Francisco, CA
13-14 June 2013

Digital Health Summit, San Diego, USA
13-14 June 2013

Going Mobile Summit, Dublin, Ireland **
18 June 2013

Software Community Circle Event: got mHealth?, MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge, Boston, USA
20 June 2013

Mobile Health: new ways of looking at Health (English), Portugal **
21 June 2013

Mobile Pharma BizTech, New York, USA
25-26 June 2013

CyberPsychology & CyberTherapy Conference, Brussels, Belgium
30 June – 2 July 2013

Health2.0 London: Mobile health sensors, London, UK
3 July 2013

TEDxGranViaSalon – mHealth, Madrid, Spain
9 July 2013

The promise and perils of mHealth, Florida **
11 July 2013

What’s next for mHealth? panel at Heatlhcare Unbound, Denver, USA
12 July 2013

mHealth + TeleHealth World, Boston, USA
24-26 July 2013

Mobile Monday: Sharing on mHealth in Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal
29 July 2013

The new frontier: Including mHealth in strengthening South African Health Systems, Johannesburg, S Africa
31 July – 1 August 2013

Mobile Innovation Summit, Philidelphia, USA
20-21 August 2013

Digital Health Days, Stockholm, Sweden
21-22 August 2013

Mobile Monday: mHealth in Nigeria, Lagos, Nigeria **
26 August 2013

Mobile Technology and Mental Health, Manchester, UK
11th September 2013

Mobile Health Education, Dublin, Ireland
12-13 September 2013

Digital Health Summit, Istanbul, Turkey **
18-19 September 2013

MoMo DC: Opportunities and Challenges in mHealth Applications, Washington, USA
23 September 2013

Medicine 2.0, London, UK
23-24 September 2013

Health 2.0 Stockholm: m-health in low and middle income countries, Sweden
25 September 2013

Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit, London, UK **
September 2013

Value Beyond the Pill, London, UK **
1-2 October 2013

Irish Cardiac Society Scientific Meeting, Killarney, Ireland**
3-5 October 2013

DigiPharma & Mobile Pharma World, London, UK **
9-10 October 2013

Health20 Dallas: mHealth: How mobile apps are changing healthcare, Texas, USA
21 October 2013

Mobile Health Track at the GMIC Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA
21-23 October 2013

mHealth Forum at Digital Healthcare Week, Singapore
22-23 October 2013

FutureMed, San Diego, USA **
3-6 November 2013

Multichannel and Mobile Pharma Marketing Summit, London, UK **
7-8 November 2013

International Telecare & Telehealth Conference, Birmingham, UK **
11-13 November 2013

Mobile Health Strategy Conference, PA, USA
13 November 2013

Digital Health Conference, New York, USA
14-15 November 2013

Health 2.0 Europe, London, UK **
17-19 November 2013

DoD/VA mHealth, Washington DC, USA
18-20 November 2013

“mHealth solutions for diabetes” at Connected Living Middle East Summit, Dubai, UAE
19-20 November 2013

HISI 2013, Dublin, Ireland **
20 November 2013

Health Technology Forum, London, UK **
20 November 2013

Mobile Healthcare Congress & Expo, Utrecht, Netherlands
20-21 November 2013

AppCircus on health at MEDICA, Dusseldorf, Germany
22 November 2013

Opportunities in the mHealth Landscape breakfast seminar by Pinsent Masons, London, UK
27 November 2013

mHealth for Behaviour Change Masterclass, London, UK **
4 December 2013

mHealth Summit, Washington DC, USA **
co-located: FierceMobileHealthcare Exec Breakfast
co-located: Games for Health Workshop
co-located: Health 2.0
co-located: M2M Now: Money Talks mHealth
co-located: mHealthNews Exec Breakfast
co-located: NIH mHealth Training Institute
co-located: Venture+ Forum
co-located: WIPJam
9-11 December 2013

Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare, Washington DC, US
11-13 December 2013

* We’ll be there ** We’re Chairing/Presenting/Exhibiting

Of course if you know of any more please add them in the comments and I’ll update the list.

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13 Responses to mHealth events for 2013

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  6. I can’t believe you missed one of the first and leading conferences in this space:

    Medicine 2.0 – 6th World Congress on Social Media, Mobile Apps, and Internet/Web 2.0 in Health and Medicine
    London, UK, Sept 23-24th, 2013
    500 participants, over 400 presentations

    • Thanks for your comment Gunther,

      I’ve added your event but hadn’t previously considered adding the “Medicine 2.0” events to this list because obviously this is just a list of mHealth events and it wasn’t until recently that your event evolved to cover mHealth or point to the opportunity in the title.

  7. Nirav Desai says:

    This is a great list and looks quite comprehensive. Thanks for compiling.

  8. Very helpful – thank you for going to this effort.

  9. Julienne says:

    Thanks for compiling this list – very helpful. You might want to add an upcoming online certificate course on using Mobile Phones for Public Health, which will be offered by TechChange and the mHealth Alliance this Summer (beginning June 3). Looks like a great opportunity!

  10. Thank you for compiling this list – very helpful! Your readers might also be interested in an online certificate course on ‘Mobile Phones for Public Health,’ which will be offered this Summer (beginning June 3) by TechChange and the mHealth Alliance. I have taken courses with TechChange before, and it is a great opportunity! More info here:

  11. Dear David
    in tis panorama, where all does all, and all are un connected (!!!!) your work is great, appreciable and stronlgy useful!

    Thanks for your work!


  12. Thanks so much for adding our event (TEDxGranViaSalon – eHealth) to your list. All of you are invited to attend!

    – Javier Villarrubia (TEDxGranVia’s licensee & curator)

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