mHealth features on Channel 4’s Gadget Man show starring Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry in Berkeley Square making a 3G Facetime Mobile Video Call

Just watched Stephen Fry’s attempts to discover if gadgets can make fitness more fun and got the feeling that this series could prove a very effective format for highlighting mHealth innovations. Even in this weeks “Body Beautiful Gadgets” episode there were profiles of some interesting mHealth tech including:

> A Facetime mobile video call over London’s 3G mobile network with Dame Kelly Holmes:

Stephen Fry making a 3G Facetime Mobile Video Call to Dame Kelly Holmes

> Cardiio Smartphone Camera Sensing Pulse App:

Cardiio Pulse Sensing Camera App for iPhone

> Withings WiFi connected weighing scales:

Withings Smart WiFi Scales

> BitGym’s Virtual Active smartphone app that adds interactive motion gaming experiences to gym exercise:

BitGym Mobile Motion Sensing Game

> Zeo’s mobile connected headband sensor and Sleep Manager service

Zeo Sleep Manager Smartphone Sensor App

In a revealing summary at the end Stephen Fry highlights something that I think is a major issue that mHealth developers need to focus on when he suggests that for him until there’s a gadget that can somehow give you the will to exercise for him it’s going to be all about trying to cheat yourself.

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