London Fire Brigade looks to Social Media BEFORE SMS and MMS

London Fire Brigade Looks to use Social Media for fire notifications

This BBC News article suggesting Twitter could be used to notify emergency services of fires highlights the urgent need for an appreciation of the latest stats and facts surrounding mobile (the newest mass media).

I’m not for one minute discounting the value of social media but to give you a sense of the ignored opportunity that becomes obvious when you understand the meaning of the numbers that Tomi Ahonen shares: There are more people IN LONDON who can send a SMS, send a MMS AND make a 3G Video Call RIGHT NOW than there are TOTAL USERS OF TWITTER IN THE UK.

What would the London Fire Brigade look like were it to take a Mobile First strategy?

LFB Mobile Connected Smoke and CO Alarm

Imagine if the LFB could accept a SMS from a registered mobile connected smoke alarm? Imagine the potential to remove the guesswork if patients could register and information could be shared when and where needed without citizens having to do anything. Imagine the opportunities that supporting this service could open up for the LFB to connect with audiences eg. when changing the batteries after receiving a message notifying them of a low battery? Can you imagine the improved response times and enhanced safety of personnel if the London Fire Brigade was receiving texts like this from smoke sensors in patients homes today:

Please respond to Flat c, 10 Downing Street, Westminister, London, SW1A 2BY. This private home is occupied by Mr David Cameron aged 82, a hearing impaired senior citizen with COPD who is receiving oxygen therapy. WARNING: OXYGEN canisters are located in front (road facing) room of home

Have you seen any mHealth initiatives taken by Fire services? Are there any you’d like to see being taken?

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