No we’re not now a part of the world’s biggest consulting firm – they’ve just copied us ;)

PWC mHealth Insights

A contact emailed me asking if we’d joined up with PWC (the world’s biggest professional consulting firm).

A quick look at PWC’s new mHealth consulting product page and it’s pretty obvious why there’s some confusion about this as they’ve taken the idea we had of titling the 3G Doctor blog “mHealth Insight” and used the plural form (“mHealth Insights”) as the title for the professional consulting services they are now offering to companies interested in opportunities arising from the convergence of healthcare with the newest mass media:

PWC mHealth Insights

Although we appreciate that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery it would be nice if PWC could try to be a bit more original in their efforts and we hope no one else finds this confusing as the consulting services we offer couldn’t be more different to anything you can get from PWC (eg. read here about the naivety of their views on mHealth opportunities) and come from first hand experiences leveraging mobile to provide healthcare services since 1995.

Click here if you would like to enquire about our consulting services.

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