Continua Health Alliance

BNet TV interview with Chuck Parker Continua Health Alliance

Great to see continued expansion at Continua but one sentence from Chuck Parker in this BNetTV interview by Tony Sklar highlighted the problem I think that will eventually undermine Continua’s strategy: “We don’t really have any competition”.

When the world’s most profitable mobile brand hasn’t once mentioned “Continua Certified” and the adjacent booth is Qualcomm’s bustling pavilion promoting a wide range of 2Net partners it’s time to realise you can’t afford to rest on your laurels thinking that your value proposition can be just the unsexy plumbing because in the world of mobile those who do the plumbing earn the majority of the Trillion $ in annual revenues.

While the preventative opportunity isn’t in the aim of Continua I think this is also going to be a major challenge as I’m sure the customers for the latest iHealth/VitaDock/Withings/Alivecor mHealth device will be more concerned with reviewer ratings rather than whether or not the device is “Continua Certified”.

Although I think the leaders of this market are going to be those brands that can work out how to make mHealth so sexy that it doesn’t even look like a healthcare experience and citizens are prepared to put their hands in their pockets and pay for it I could be wrong especially if we see more governments (like the Danish) step up and commit to supporting manufacturers of Continua Certified devices.

Continua Health Alliance at the 2012 mHealth Summit

This post is part of a review of the 2012 mHealth Summit. Click here to read the full review.

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