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I’d learnt about mScripts from a discussion on the Linkedin mHealth Group with VP Marketing Fiona Smythe the week before I left for Washington so made a bit of a bee line for their plinth on the Startup Health Pavilion when I had a moment.

If you can’t accept that Nokia killed the high street Pharmacy business model or I’m just not convincing enough and you still can’t believe that mHealth is the future of the Pharmacy business please watch this video of their CEO Mark Cullen presenting at Rock Health’s Health Innovation Summit earlier in the year:

…the only people out there who are competing with us are WalGreens, WalGreens is competing with us and it’s the best thing that could’ve ever happened for us. WalGreens put a placard up on every single store in every single city in this country saying: ‘ ask us about mobile, ask us how we have 3% of our (customers) using our mobile application in under a year and a half”. Over 40% of all their online transactions are happening via their mobile refill by scan. That means that 10 years of their web based services half of that has gone in a year and a half to mobile

Now just imagine you’re a pharmacy chain that still doesn’t have a mHealth strategy? You are now aware that you are ignoring an opportunity to do more business in the next 12 months with mobile than you have been able to do with the internet over the last 10 years!

This post is part of a review of the 2012 mHealth Summit. Click here to read the full review.

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