Orange/France Telecom

An Orange sales guy visited our booth and pitched me on the new “Joining up Healthcare” mHealth strategy from Orange that’s depicted in this video:

While it might look good and allign with Orange Healthcare’s belief that their brand wasn’t valued when associated with a Healthcare offering I found it confusing because I thought that Orange outsourced their mobile network operations to Nokia Siemens Networks, that they outsourced the management of their broadband network in the UK to BT, that they no longer have a brand in the 2 markets we currently sell our service (UK & Ireland) as they are now together with T Mobile a part of the new “4G EE” brand and they have no consumer presence in the US market that we’re launching in?

It made me wonder if the outsourcing strategy telco’s have taken is making them a middle man that medical device brands don’t need to engage with for data services? And if you did want a mobile brand to manage your data wouldn’t you be better off partnering with a US telco (except for Sprint Nextel US telcos differ considerably from their counterparts abroad because they own/operate their own infrastructure)?

The sales guy could’t help me with answers as he was uncertain what the official line was on these questions but asked what would 3G Doctor be interested in from Orange?

To help him out here’s a few things I could think of that I would like to pay for right now:

> Helping us reach new customers. Currently Orange offers very little in terms of value added services that they market/sell to the millions of senior citizens and carers that subscribe to their services.

> Billing on the Orange network (so patients who have Orange accounts don’t need to enter payment details and can just be billed for their £35 3G Doctor consult on their next mobile bill)

> A additional SIM plan or a work anywhere for an inclusive price embedded connectivity solution for mHealth M2M devices (eg. smoke alarm, care monitor, etc) so that we can build out services to support patients using these invaluable technologies.

What would you like to buy from Orange?

Orange France Telecom on the GSMA booth at the 2012 mHealth Summit

This post is part of a review of the 2012 mHealth Summit. Click here to read the full review.

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