Wendy Mayer Pfizer

If you have any uncertainty about how mHealth will transform the pharma industry, the potential for the pharma industry to provide the exit strategy of a mHealth start up or the contribution to making mHealth innovation happen that an event like the mHealth Summit provides please watch Tony Sklar’s BNetTV interview of Wendy Mayer, Vice President of Worldwide Innovation at Pfizer (the world’s biggest pharma brand with $67Billion revenues in 2011):

We really need to change the way we are working learning experience… …who could we potentially partner with and it’s just amazing to hear what people here are working on… …as a big company we’re trying to find the appropriate place for us in this ecosystem and so partnering with the companies that are leading the charge 1) helps us jump the curve in terms of the pace of development because these companies are developing at that speed and so rather than trying to pull it into and change the behemoth organisation of Pfizer how can we better partner with some of these companies that have the lightening pace… …the opportunity to have that ongoing connectivity with both the providers who prescribe our products and the patients who use our products is a great opportunity to get people to use them in the best way to get the best outcome… …we’re trying to figure out where our place is…

This post is part of a review of the 2012 mHealth Summit. Click here to read the full review.

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