Have you made plans for the Create & Share/Do It Yourself economy?

we will have mass unemployment in the next 10 years because of RoboCar. No cab drivers, no truck drivers, flying drones delivering you pizza, so there will be lots of substitution and the growth of the self service concept so on the lower end of the labour market we will have a lot of unemployment so do it yourself culture, make-it-yourself culture, is very important to alleviate economical, social and cultural issues going forward. It sounds a little awkward or crazy but I think it is real, the civic society will be developed using these tools and communities. And there is another to my view it’s also a way to express yourself and to show your dislike of incumbents and overheads, we all know Banks, big corporations centralised systems they are opening up they are decentralising that’s great but young people I speak to everywhere across the globe and they are very unsatisfied right now they don’t like the overhead they would like to cut out the bulls**t, so what are they going to do? they’re going to do it themselves right?That’s what’s happening right now across the globe in my view

Yuri Van Geest, Trend8

This Mashable article from June does a good job of capturing the discomfort many Doctors already have with these changes:

What Doctors think about your online health searches

…But when in the hands of patients, this surplus of medical information can prove hazardous. The pair explains how easily falsehoods propagate on the Internet: Inaccurate sites often link to other information that reinforces those misconceptions and rumors.

As a primary care physician at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dr. Aditi Nerurkar sees patients every day who use the Internet to diagnose themselves. She says many of those people come in after sleepless nights spent worrying about dangerous diseases they’ve learned about through web searches. “While I love their sense of curiosity and ownership of their health,” she says, “their online searches can (and often do) go awry.”

Perhaps the first thing we need to do is to make access to primary care providers more (dare I say it) convenient?

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