Is there “Missing Evidence for mHealth” or is it just hard for some to see?

Mobile World Live mHealth Alliance points to missing evidence for mobile health

Richard Handford at Mobile World Live reports on some more reports released by the mHealth Alliance suggesting that there is missing evidence for mHealth.

Of course this point of view originates from the mHealth Alliance’s excitement for the M2M medical device part of the mHealth market and some obvious misunderstandings about the newest mass media (eg. Mobile’s haven’t been around since “the 1920′s or 30′s“) but it’s still very disappointing that they continue to use their influence and the reputation of their partners (these include the Rockefeller Foundation, United Nations Foundation, HP, NORAD and GSMA) to add uncertainty when we can see the value and lives that are improved and saved when Healthcare Professionals in emerging markets appreciate the mHealth opportunity.

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