If you attend a Medical School that still doesn’t give you mHealth tools the data now shows that they are failing you

UCI’s iMedEd Initiative named a 2012-13 Apple Distinguished Program

the first class participating in the iMedEd Initiative scored an average of 23% higher on their national exams – taken at the end of the second year of medical school – than previous UC Irvine medical school classes, despite having similar incoming GPAs and MCAT scoresUC Irvine News

Although there will always be some organisations that continue to struggle to see the evidence supporting the need for mHealth it’s been abundantly clear to me that the capacity we have today to carry a full medical library on our person at all times is so obvious that it would in a very short space of time provide it’s own evidence for future Doctors in training:

I wouldn’t be surprised if competitive students help drive adoption here, after all if you’re at a medical college that doesn’t supply such resources you’ll probably be right to complain that these students are getting an unfair advantage!!University Gives Medical Students Smartphones loaded with key medical text books, Sept, 2010

Also interesting is the DIY culture of innovation that this appears to be kicking off in the Medical School amongst students who are being exposed to the mobile tools eg. the “iMedEd Innovators Group”

iMedEd Innovators Group

I very much expect we’ll be reading about some of these future Doctors shaping the future of mHealth in the forthcoming years (and I’ll have to find some time to check if any have already joined the +3,600 member mHealth Group on Linkedin):

Aurash Alemi, Ali Ashtiani, Chris Bui, Connie Cajavilca, Steven Chan, Bethany Conly, Andrew Eads, Kevin Eskander, Michael Fenlon, Samuel Galle, Armando Gauna, Martin Hofmann, Christopher King, Lacey King, Austen Lefebvre, Idris Leppla, Briana Livingston, Prakash Mathew, Travis Nesbit, Audrey Nguyen, Pina Patel, Bryant Priromprintr, Eddie Ramirez, Areo Saffarzadeh, Nicholas Sawyer, Kalpit Shah, Adam Spjute, Sean Sumsion, Joseph Tesoriero, David Tran, Chase Warren.

I’ve noted before that I’ve found Medical Students to be far behind their comtemporaries in awareness/adoption of mobile tech (perhaps the academic demands of Medical Schools are self selecting students who are behind the adoption curve and in 2012 we’re still not looking at a class of digital natives) but now we have had Medical Schools doing this for some time the data is emerging and we should now start asking our Medical Schools what they are doing to ensure future Doctors are prepared for a career where they will not be fit to practice unless they have a connected device in their pocket that is loaded with up to date clinical resources, rich multimedia content (to help them explain and share things with their patients) and packing several basic diagnostic sensors.

With this data from UC Irvine I imagine that any US Medical School that is not mobilizing course content for the 2013 term is going to have it tough failing students as they could quite easily justify that they’d have scored 23% higher had the college adopted best practice. I imagine the threat of that is going to make the job of selling iPad’s into educational institutes a walk in the park…

Related: It costs >£250k to train a Doctor so why would you question the value of putting up to date Medical Reference and Text books on their smartphones?

Don’t miss: “The Whole World In Their Hands” podcast over at MacHealthcare that profiles the iPad experiences at three Medical Schools in the USA with contributions from Dr Warren Wiechmann MD, Asst. Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine, UC Irvine School of Medicine, Michael L. Schwartz, Associate Dean for Curriculum, Yale University School of Medicine, and Jason Korenkiewicz, Director Educational Computing, Weill Cornell Medical College.

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