If we overhaul the organisational purpose of the NHS what will happen to the parking charges?

How do we fix the NHS? Ask frontline staff

I think the first response to this insightful article in the Guardian by Roy Lilley speaks volumes about the challenges the NHS faces:

Empowering staff and engaging with the public sound great in principle. However one of your ideas make a hospital and its grounds a social community hub would require practical changes like suspending parking charges. Unfortunately I think changes like these are never going to happen” Name: 451F45H 13 February 2013 9:43am

Following what’s possibly the darkest day in the history of the NHS an anonymous commenter is in quick to suggest these changes just can’t ever happen because you’d need to do radical things like suspend parking charges.

One of the reasons I am so enthusiastic about Roy’s suggestion that we “start by listening to workers on the ground” is because I could never imagine a frontline worker being concerned with a detail like that.

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