Doro Survey says 50% of over 65’s want a smartphone

Doro Survey says half of over 65s want a smartphone

I imagine a survey like this news item by Richard Handford in today’s Mobile World Daily is going to do wonders for the share price (and acquisition interest in) Europe’s leading senior mobile brand Doro as it clearly shows that once seniors in Europe are using a Doro they have started on the upgrade path that can be seen in all over mobile market sectors.

Although this probably doesn’t come as news to readers of this blog it will be incredible news to European mobile operators as they scrap for customers in markets that they thought were saturated as the majority of them still don’t actually believe that seniors can or want to use mobile data services (despite the fact that in Japan the vast majority of this affluent consumer group have been using these for years) and have no idea how to take seniors on this journey of mobile discovery.

While this will of course have a massive impact on the size of the mHealth market it’s also interesting as many of the smart features that I see on the smartphones that Doro is designing for seniors will also have widespread mass market appeal. For example the built in secure remote device management is something even the worlds most popular smartphone OS’s are only beginning to explore eg. with remote wipe services offered through iCloud/Android Lost.

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