Dr Smith’s day may be Dynamic & Digital but isn’t it just Mobile?

This video from Complete Digital, a digital strategy and communications firm that works with the Pharma industry, invites viewers to “Discover how an HCP of today uses digital tools to stay in touch with patients, friends and colleagues – all in order to be able to maximise face-to-face time with patients

It amazes me that so many people think that the healthcare industry is different and relates to these as “Digital Tools” rather than just Mobile. Perhaps they feel that because it’s so important healthcare needs it’s own language but it’s clear to me that “Digital” isn’t a good word (most Doctors were trained to understand the term Digital as it relates to an examination using a finger) and “Mobile” is more suited because 99% of the “Digital tools” involved in this video are centred around a device that the clinician would have typically chosen, bought and learnt to use themselves and for reasons that are largely independent of their occupation.

Interestingly the only bit in the whole sequence where the Doctor uses an interface that isn’t mobile is when typing into the at work desktop and even then her mobile is on and at hand. I can imagine this will be an activity that will decrease substantially over the next few years as patients (using their mobiles of course!) increasingly help their Doctors with the challenges of documentation and start using mHealth services (eg. being sent links to videos by SMS, video consulting with their Healthcare providers, etc).

Doctor data input

Perhaps it will only be when the makers of this video add a mobile experience like Sleep by MotionX to the sequence (eg. the video would include a further 8-10 hours of personal mobile use) that some will finally realise that these are actually mobile experiences that are now modernizing the work of healthcare professionals.

Perhaps it’s just me and my ideas that it’s antiquated for a professional to be going somewhere to sit and type in front of a screen.

What do you think?

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