Nuance publish “Advancing the mHealth ecosystem” a guide to mHealth’s role in humanizing healthcare

mHealths role in humanising medicine

A fascinating read and although there are plenty of gaps (video being a very obvious one) there are some great insights from a wide selection of passionate mHealth evangelists in the 22 page report including:

‘mHealth’s role in humanizing healthcare’
Dr Nick Van Terheyden, CMIO, Nuance

‘Breakthroughs in workflow efficiency for the physician on-the-go’
Reid Conant MD, FACEP. Emergency Physician and CMIO, Tri-City Emergency Medical Group President and CEO, Conant and Associates, Inc.

‘Mobile heath accessibility, trial and error’
Tracy “Bud” Lawrence MD, Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital

‘Meet the poster child for successful mHealth adoption’
Kenneth A. Kleinberg, FHIMSS. Managing Director of Research and Insights The Advisory Board Company

‘mHealth: A great many small victories’
Eric Wickland, Editor, mHIMSS

‘The voice of patients’
Regina Holliday, Artist, Speaker & Blogger at Regina Holliday’s Medical Advocacy Blog

‘Rules of engagement’
Joseph Kim MD MPH, President of MCM Education and Founder of

‘Patient-centric mobile EMR’
by the GravityTank team

‘Empowering consumers with quality healthcare apps’
Martha Wofford, VP Head of CarePass, Aetna

‘The mobile, personal health intersection’
Nick Martin, VP, Innovation Research and Development, United Health Group

‘New era of medicine unplugged’
Eric Topol MD, Chief Academic Officer at Scripps Health, Prof of Genomics at Scripps Research Institute and Author of ‘Creative Destruction of Medicine’.

‘The Internet of things’
Peter Ragusa MD MPH, CEO and co-Founder, VoiceHIT (developer of the Better DayTM Health Platform).

‘Will mobile “virtual assistants” propel the future of medicine?’
Jonathon Dreyer, Director of Mobile Marketing at Nuance

If I had to pick a favorite line it would be Regina Holliday’s:

As the team listed item after item, I knew the school system would struggle to provide even a quarter of the devices my son would need. Appropriate accommodations were almost unattainable then, but today virtually all my son’s requirements can be provided by the iPhone in my back pocket. 2013 is a very different landscape in both education and health. While some institutions, organizations and individuals still lumber about using tools and technology more appro- priate for yesteryear, quite a few patients have embraced the possibilities of mobile health via tablet or smartphone. If a patient logs on to their patient portal and does not understand a word or term, it takes only seconds to copy and paste that text into a search field. If a patient is searching for the best path to reach the closest hospital there is an app for that. And why settle for closest? Services such as Yelp provide insight that a hospital five more miles away may have much better care

What did you like best about the paper?

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