FierceHealthcare: mHealth is gaining prominence & mindshare in the “granddaddy” of all health IT shows

FierceMobileHealthcare mHealth gets its due at HIMSS 2013

An interesting FierceMobileHealthcare article by Greg Slabodkin comments on the weight that HIMSS (an NFP organisation that represents >50,000 execs on a mission to transform healthcare through the effective use of IT and management systems) is throwing behind mHealth.

I think it’s a shame that Greg’s misled into thinking that “mHealth is a component of eHealth” just because the World Health Organization website states that it is – try this more accurate definition – but it’s great that it’s becoming obvious that we’re moving in the direction where everyone can see that mHealth has a role in the overall health IT strategy.

Hopefully we’ll get some more incredible numbers shared by Kaiser very soon (click here to check out the announcement of Kaiser’s incredible mHealth success that was shared at last years HIMSS) and it will be impossible to make an argument against taking a mobile first approach to health IT.

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