A patient explains the importance of documenting consultations with Doctors

In only a few years time I think the vast majority of Healthcare Professionals will look back at the idea of undocumented Doctor consultations or restrictions on patient access to medical records with the same horror that we have today for medieval medical practices.

To Craig Murray, a Former Ambassador and Human Rights Activist who has been blogging since 2002 the importance of documentation is already abundantly obvious:

Then yesterday I received a letter giving a change of cardiologist appointment – to 17 July! That is a 32 week wating list. It is exactly 26 weeks – half a year – after the date at which the cardiologist said I should be seen again! In the meantime, I have no idea whether I feel so ill because of the drugs, or because of progressive heart failure. I have no idea what were the results of my tests. I have no idea of the prognosis. I have no idea as to the cause of the paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in the first place

With an annual budget of £104 Billion for how much longer can the NHS afford to continue to ignore clinically validated low cost online tools that enable patients to help their Doctors to document their care.

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