TEDxColumbiaSIPA: Mobile Phones as a Tool for Saving Lives by Yvonne MacPherson

Yvonne MacPherson, Executive Director, BBC Media Action USA presents her “Idea worth sharing”: “Health on the Move: Mobile Phones as a Tool for Saving Lives”.

My thoughts

> Millions or Billions?

What I’d like to do today is show you a piece of technology that I think will amaze you. Now I know we all have our gadgets that we love,the latest tablets and the smartphones and we want the latest and the greatest. Well I think I have something here that you may not have. This device saves lives and right now millions of people are using it to lead healthier lives. Do you want to see what it is?

Yvonne MacPherson unveiling a life saving device the mobile phone

As we break through the Mobile Moment I think it’s important to realise it’s not millions of people who are using these basic mobile phones. There are a BILLION using smartphones and there are BILLIONS who are using basic mobile phones.

> There isn’t capacity for bloated systems – you do not have to print something

It amazes me how challenging it is to throw off the western healthcare provider mindset: You do not always need to print something.

BBC Media Action Mobile Phone Cards

I think BBC Media Action would do well to emulate the work of the “pirates” who are retailing counterfeit mobile copies of the latest text books and videos on low cost SD Cards in emerging markets.

Imagine how highly regarded and magical ‘Doctor DiDi‘ would be if her cheap Android Smartphone was loaded with rich made for mobile video content? Imagine the public healthcare resource if this Begusarai Community Health Worker could be freely sharing and distributing (eg. you get to keep it on your own or perhaps your village leaders mobile) this digital content with the villagers that she is meeting even though they might live outside of mobile network coverage?

What are your thoughts?

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