M2M Money Now Talks ‘mHealth’ NOT ‘e-Health’

M2M Money Talks mHealth or is it e Health

I just noticed this interesting change in direction for a large conference organiser. Plans for an event titled “M2M Now: Money Talks e-Health” that had been planned for the 20th May in Las Vegas (during the CTIA convention) have been shelved and replaced by an event titled “M2M Now: Money Talks mHealth” taking place on the 10th December in Washington DC (venue is as yet unconfirmed).

Although I’m not overly optimistic about the chances for the conference to have a big impact (it would work much better if it was colocated with the mHealth Summit – the world’s biggest mHealth industry gathering – which is being held on the same date in neighbouring Maryland) I’m glad to see this change has happened as when the organisers approached me last year to get involved I explained why I felt ‘Machine to Machine (M2M) eHealth’ didn’t make any sense to anyone with an appreciation of the scale and growth in mobile connectivity being added to automobiles, water meters, etc, etc, and the opportunity to do on device processing of data (at increasingly low cost thanks to projects like Raspberry Pi etc).

Already confirmed is a great line up of speakers including:

Dr Yan Chow, Director, Kaiser Permanente
Eleanor Chye, AT&T
Jeremy Cowan, Editor & Publisher, M2M Now/WeKnow Media Ltd
Robin Duke-Woolley, Founder & CEO, Beecham Research
Donald Jones, Strategy, Qualcomm Life
Horst Merkle, Director, Roche Diabetes Care
Charles Parker, Exec Director, Continua Health Alliance
Benjamin Sarda, Marketing Director, Orange Healthcare
Chris Wasden, Global Healthcare Innovation Leader, PwC
Dr Brad Weinberg, Founding Partner, Blueprint Health

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