mHealth networking group on Linkedin grows to 4000+ members

mHealth Group on Linkedin

The mHealth group we started back in 2008 on Linkedin has now grown to more than 4000 members.

I thought it would be a good idea to mark this milestone with a request for your help, to share some invitations to join us at some key mHealth meetings that are being held over the next few weeks and an offer to bag yourself the hottest mHealth tech:

Join the Group or Invite others from your network

If you’re not already a member click here to check out a who’s who of the group or click here to jump straight into the discussions, promotions and job postings and start getting yourself networked with the key professionals who are working on the world’s most exciting mHealth developments.

If you’re already a member please think about inviting a friend or colleague you know who is interested in the mHealth opportunity. This is very easy to do: simply log in to the group and click “Share group” on the right side of the group’s menu bar. Then click “Invite Others”, then click on the blue ‘in’ logo on the right side of the “Connections” box to invite people from your Professional network. You can also personalise the “Welcome message” before you click to “Send Invitations”.

Let’s meet at some mHealth meetings

> mHealth Group Meetup & Networking Session, eHealth Week, Dublin, Ireland Sunday 12 May 2013

> mHealth Symposium, European eHealth Week, Dublin, Ireland 13-15 May 2013

> Scottish Telecare/Telehealth Summit, Glasgow, Scotland 15-16 May 2013

> DHF13 Investor Conference, Royal Society of Medicine, London, 11 June 2013

> eHealth, Lisbon, Portugal, 20-22 June 2013

Upgrade your Mobile to a Medical Device today

Click here to turn your iPhone 4/4S into a medical device with a great deal on an Alivecor ECG case:

Alivecor ECG

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9 Responses to mHealth networking group on Linkedin grows to 4000+ members

  1. Nasser Abounar says:

    What about android devices, can we turn them to medical devices as I phone or not

    • Hi Nasser,

      Whilst most of the new Android Smartphones do work with the Alivecor ECG (click here to see it being used with a Samsung Galaxy at the mHealth Summit last year) the product that is currently for sale today on the Amazon store is designed to also be used as a case for the iPhone 4 or 4S.

      This has several advantages eg. the casing protects the iPhone from wear and tear, the sensor and mobile will always remain together ensuring you never forget to take your ECG monitor with you, etc.

      I would advise you either buy a reconditioned iPhone 4 or trade your Android for an iPhone 4/4S so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the future today…

  2. The annual American Telemedicine Association Meeting is coming up in Austin Texas from May 5-7 – are we meeting there?

  3. The AliveCor ECG is available in the UK through Amazon. How about the US?

  4. Sorry, I should have been more specific. There are restrictions in the US on who can buy it (licensed professional or as a prescription) but Amazon in the UK does not list such limitations unless I missed that part. I found that interesting as it makes it as available as a blood pressure cuff or scale for self-monitoring.

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