Join us in Portugal for “Mobile Health, new ways of looking at health”

Jose de Mello Saude Mobile Health Portugal

On the 21 June 2013 I’ll be sharing some of the mHealth experiences here at 3G Doctor during a keynote talk at the José de Mello Health Group‘s annual Healthcare Conference being held at the Estoril Congress Centre (in the beautiful coastal town of Estoril, 24km from the Portuguese capital Lisbon).

Event partners include Cisco, the world’s leading networking company that is now focused on enabling the Internet of Everything , and PT Prime, the IT Services division of Portugal’s leading fixed-line and Mobile network provider (Portugal Telecom).

The one day program of keynote talks and panels will focus on the use of mobile devices in clinical practice and the provision of health care and the challenges that underlie it.

Confirmed speakers will include:

> Magda Cocco, Partner, Vieira de Almeida & Associados
> Miguel Peres Correia, Dermatology and Infectious Disease Consultant & Chair of the Portuguese Group of Cosmetic Dermatology
> David Doherty, co-Founder, 3G Doctor
> Jorge Juan Fernández García, Director of the E-health and Social Media, Hospital Saint Joan de Deu Barcelona
> Daan Giesen, Innovation Consultant
> Manuel Costa Matos, GP and Medical Consultant
> Cem Yener, Business Development Manager, Cisco Healthcare

Register today

The meeting is designed to contribute to wider awareness of mHealth opportunities and to serve some of the continuous medical education needs of various stakeholders in healthcare including Healthcare Professionals and Administrators with healthcare institutions, government agencies, engineering firms, biomedical device & Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Teachers, Students, Researchers and execs of companies that operate in the technology/telecommunications sector.

Capacity is limited so register here today (Ticket cost is only €150 or €30 for students/Patients)

************UPDATE (Monday 17 June 2013)************

Here’s a draft of the Slide Deck I’ll be using alongside my presentation at the Estoril Congress Centre:

Key takeaways:

> We must provide tools that let Patients help us overcome the medieval practice of undocumented care.

> Get equipped: turn your Mobile into a Medical Device by getting an Alivecor ECG case for your iPhone 4 or 4S. Click here to buy one on Amazon and get a discount by entering the discount code “3GDOCTOR”.

> Learn and meet industry leaders: Join us at the mHealth Summit in Washington DC (9-13 December 2013).

> Get networked: Join the +4300 member mHealth group on Linkedin.

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