Living Medical History – Recording the memories of Irish doctors of the last 70 years

The Living History Project

The close of eHealth Week 2013 coincided with the launch of the Living Medical History Project at a meeting organised by the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland at the Royal College of Physicians in Kildare Street and I thought I’d include it in my review as I found it to be a fascinating contrast to all the talk of how communication technology is transforming healthcare following the Nokia decade and a nice link to the history of Medical Practice here in Ireland.

The Living Medical History Project sought to record the memories of a group of medical practitioners who worked in Ireland during the 1940’s and ’50’s. It is obvious that there are incredible lessons to be learnt from the history of how medical practice evolved thanks to advances in our understanding of Health and Disease and the use of Information & Communication Technologies and I personally find this to be a fascinating area of research. Presenters included Dr Ida Milner, Director of the Oral History Network of Ireland.

Can you imagine an Irish Animator could capture these recordings in the way that Brown Bag Films did with the Academy Award nominated short film “Give up all Yer Auld Sins”?

I think that would make for an amazing multimedia medical history project and provide a timeless inspiration to those thinking about a medical career and a great Kickstarter project for an independent animator (I’m in!).

This post is part of a review of the mHealth Symposium at eHealth Week 2013 in Dublin. Click here to read the full review.

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