mHealth: Beyond the Beep (Nuance Healthcare Partner Event)

Nuance Healthcare Global Partner Meeting 2013

Last week (12-14 June 2013) at Nuance’s Global Healthcare Partner event at the wonderful Penha Longa Resort near to Lisbon, Portugal, I was honoured to have been invited as guest speaker to present a ‘Beyond the Beep’ mHealth talk on how I think listening devices will radically transform Healthcare as a result of my experience using Nuance technology.

Nuance Healthcare is the world’s leading provider of speech recognition, dictation, and transcription systems and services that simplify and enhance the production and management of electronic patient documentation. Today, thousands of hospitals, clinics, and group practices and hundred thousands of healthcare providers, use professional speech recognition for healthcare providers by Nuance to transform the high cost of medical reporting to a low cost high-quality process, for increased doctor productivity and better care, through easier, more immediate access to electronic patient information. Click here for more information on Nuance Healthcare products.

The full list of presenters will include:

Paul Adams, Director Product Management Dragon Medical
Frederik Brabant, EMEA Marketing Director
Dr. Campos Costa – Innovating Since 1943 Guest Speaker
Janet Dillione, Executive VP and GM, Healthcare Division
David Doherty, Co-Founder of 3G Doctor, Ireland
Jonathon Dreyer, Director, Mobile Solutions Marketing North America, Healthcare
Martin Held, Product Manager EMEA
Milko Jovanoski, Partner Marketing Manager EMEA & Nuance Healthcare EMEA Partner Program
Gerald Kotzian, Director Professional Services and Support Healthcare
Gonçalo Marcelino, Executive Director, Radiology Clinic Dr. Campos Costa, Grupo de Mello Saúde, Portugal
Dan McGraw, VP Sales – General Manager EMEA, Healthcare
Ljubomir Milanovic, Research Director Healthcare
Mert Oez, Director, Product Management EMEA, Healthcare
Jörg Studzinski, Senior Consultant, HIMSS Analytics Europe (HAE)
Nick VanTerheyden, Chief Medical Information Officer, Healthcare
Markus Vogel, Chief Medical Officer DACH
Joachim Walter, Pre-Sales Manager Northern Europe
Nick Wilcox, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Healthcare Center of Competence, Abu Dhabi, United Emirates
Davide Zacchagnini, Director of Clinical Informatics

Event sponsors:

In the Experience Zone delegates got a chance to learn more about solutions from the following leading companies:

> Grundig Business Systems GmbH
> Philips Dictation
> Plantronics
> Olympus Professional Voice Recorders

My presentation:

Here’s the Slide Deck I used and below is an overview of some of the key topics I discussed in my talk:

> Personal introduction
> Overview of 3G Doctor and the Documented Consultation Process we provide
> The contribution Nuance technology makes to 3G Doctor consultations
> How your vision and thoughts about how computers see the world make it difficult to see disruptive sound based mHealth opportunities
> Imagine Google Glasses without the glass or the camera…
> Audible Augmented Reality opportunities might be more disruptive than Visual AR: Mobiles as acoustic sensors
> How a Smartphone might look to you if you’d never had sight
> Medical Devices: Beyond the Beep
> The tailspin that (m)speech is going to put regulators in and the disruptive opportunities this will fuel
> Image the future… demo of how Patients can use the device that’s in their pocket to document their care and Doctors can support these Patients with rich template based clinical content that’s made for mobile.
> Analogies between the Qwerty Keyboard (initially created to enable Blind people to write on paper) and (m)speech (initially created to enable people and machines to talk)

Blind Apple Store Salesman fixing a technical problem for a Space X Engineer

(A visually impaired Apple Store Staff member using Nuance text to speech technology to fix the smartphone of a Space X Engineer)

My key takeaway:

The tipping point for Healthcare Professionals will come when we start using our mobiles for basic speech recognition and command roles and then start asking why we can’t use these technical advances to advance our productivity at work.

The tipping point for Patients is materialising because Nuance (m)speech technology is making interacting with technology so seamless that it needs no learning and this is reinventing the relationship between people and technology. Great experiences of this tech can already be found with Samsung’s new Smart TV’s (which can be controlled via speech) and the opportunity for Healthcare providers emerges from an understanding of these new sensory possibilities and ways in which healthcare experiences can be redesigned to leverage these (think of a Patient completing an Instant Medical History questionnaire by just talking with their Mobile/Tablet/TV).

Nuance natural language interface for Instant Medical History

Thank you

A big thank you to all the Nuance Healthcare team – especially Dr Nic – and Partners for the fascinating conversations and the chance to participate in so many brilliant educational workshops.

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