Royal College of General Practitioners: “The 2022 GP: Vision for General Practice in the future NHS”

RCGP A vision for General Practice in the Future NHS

Reading the RCGP’s “The 2022 GP: Vision for General Practice in the future NHS” paper and I’m surprised and a little disappointed that there was only one mention of mobile.

To me it’s obvious to me that a RCGP member will not be permitted to practice medicine in 2022 without a Smartphone containing at least a comprehensive list of up to date reference materials – something that will become obvious as medical students who are breezing through training (thanks to mobile tools!) join the workforce.

Albert Einstein Never Memorize something you can look up

The “Delivering more health care online” paragraph in which mobile was mentioned also gave me a few concerns:

RCGP 2022 Delivering more health care online

> Already the entire context of talking about healthcare being ‘online’ feels to me to be a very out of date way of thinking.

One look in a GP’s waiting room today and you can’t fail to see mobiles being used by Patients and their carers but in 2022 I’m confident that there will no longer be a valid distinction in being “online” as opposed to being ‘offline’ in the UK. One of the key developments that I think will ensure this will be the M2M market e.g.By by 2022 everything that should be connected will be connected making the idea of being online or off-line meaningless just as today you wouldn’t refer to a patient being online because their smoke alarm is connected.

> It surprises me that the RCGP seems to be confused about how we will use mobile tech to connect with Patients e.g.. Just because a MRCGP Doctor is providing care remotely won’t make them or the care they provide ‘virtual’:

By 2022, it is likely that patients will expect to interact with their general practice team virtually, supported by mobile technology and online access to their own medical records, to electronic prescriptions

> The report highlights the inability even smart Doctors may have to comprehend or even imagine algorithmic transformations by 2022 the functionality/features you can find on a Samsung Galaxy S4 super smart mobile will be available on basic easy to use phones marketed to seniors in the UK and on inexpensive phones used by billions in emerging economies (also worth noting that the economies of some of these may have actually overtaken the UK by 2022 which will quickly dry up the NHS’s steady supply of foreign trained healthcare professionals).

As you can read here this has happened before, we’ve always lived in changing times but the rate of the change has never been quicker.

Bill Gates don't let yourself be lulled into inaction

What are your thoughts on the report?

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6 Responses to Royal College of General Practitioners: “The 2022 GP: Vision for General Practice in the future NHS”

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  3. As a business focused upon facilitating improvements and upgrades of GP practices pursuant to the objectives of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, we found the report to be insightful and stimulating. One of the largest obstacles in procuring the changes to GP Practices that are now absolutely necessary with the return of the ‘cottage hospital’ and the transfer of services from secondary to primary care, is a lack of foresight amongst GPs. The doctors are, quite rightly, focused upon delivering healthcare in the present and find little occasion to consider how the primary care sector will evolve in coming years. This report will help overcome that obstacle.[]

  4. Hi Darren,

    My concern is that’s not a “lack of foresight amongst GPs” but a lack of incentive being provided to them.

    I don’t think papers like this from the RCGP can be very helpful to businesses such as yours as it doesn’t go far enough to highlight the increase in number and nature of the services hat primary care will be expected to manage in 2022.

    We’ve just lived through the Nokia decade and we live in a time in which there are exponential technology advances that are impacting healthcare that will transform the effectiveness of Primary Care Doctors.

    It’s time we all realise it’s so 1999 to be denying the future…

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