Mobile devices a $500m market for Australian pharmacy retailers by 2017

Pharmacy News Australia Mobile Devices a 500M market

Although I think it’s on the low side (unless of course Pharma brands continue to leave the sale of these devices to brands like Apple and Samsung) this interview with Paul Naismith (CEO, Fred IT Group) in the Australian publication “Pharmacy News” pegs mHealth device sales to reach $500million in Australia alone by 2017.

With a younger population that is less than half size of the UK’s this prediction would peg the UK market at a $ Billion p/year by 2017. Note: In the USA a single Pharmacy Retailer is already generating more than $500 million in annual sales via mobile.

Some talk of how this will all happen features in EyeforPharma’s recent ‘Beyond the Pill’ webinar that I participated in along with leaders from Pfizer Integrated Health and a NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Here’s a quick guide to the key devices that I think are likely to lead this growth:

> Pharmaceutical Packaging (to launch Patient engagement, video downloads, adherence apps, trigger repeat prescriptions, etc)

> Mobile Connected Sensors eg. Smoke Alarms, Care Monitors, Weigh scales, Blood Pressure Monitors,

> Mobile Medical Devices eg. Telcare Mobile Connected Blood Glucose Monitor.

What would you add to the above list?

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