Samsung shares it’s vision for the mhealth future of healthcare

This great concept video shared by Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer at Samsung Electronics, at MobileBeat and reported over at AllThingsDigital provides insigths into the vision of the world’s biggest Tech firm, Mobile Brand and the newest big global healthcare brand.

Some thoughts I had on watching the video:

We’re getting folding Mobile form factors and every surface will be a screen…

Samsung Foldable Everything is a Screen Form Factor

I have no doubt this foldable form factor (which is similar to visions previously shared by Microsoft) is going to be on the market in the next few years and this neat power saving trick will make it possible to expand screen size without the additional battery drain. I can’t imagine it not being a massive success.

Great to see Samsung isn’t listening to the Lawyers who frightened Nokia away from mHealth

Samsung Tricorder Style mHealth App

It should be appreciated that vision videos from mainstream consumer tech companies don’t profile advanced medical sensory technology unless this is something that the senior management all agree will be the future of the company.

One of the big failings at Nokia (that contributed to it’s record breaking fall from the top) was the incapacity their senior management had to understand that the world was changing because of the impact their tech had made on the lives and expectations of their billion customers.

After watching this video and looking at Samsung’s scale and diverse product range it should be clear that Samsung plans to be the brand that defines the convergence of healthcare and mobile that will define the next decade – just as Nokia was the brand that led the convergence of consumer tech to Mobile in the Nokia Decade.

Read here about how Nokia senior management struggled to talk externally about the mHealth opportunity.

Futurists don’t see the Battery Life problem fading

In an image showing a “tricorder” style body analysis screen (similar to some ideas put out by Nokia as part of their Tricorder X Prize announcement) it also shows that Samsung futurists still think there will be a need for screen real estate to be used to display a battery life indicator.

I hope we’ll have moved on from that with induction charging – maybe the futurists who created the video haven’t yet had a demo of Qualcomm’s WiPower™ Technology yet?

Qualcomm Wireless Charging Surface

Connected Medical Sensors

Samsung Painless Patch Sensor Arrayed Antenna Sensor

I’m not optimistic about the potential of EM radiation providing therapy or biomonitoring as there’s a lot of fundamental science that needs to be understood before any of this can materialise but I think Samsung is right on the money with the vision it has for medical sensors being connected accessories.

One look at a connected sensor innovation like the Alivecor (that Dr Dave Albert managed to bootstrap through development and into production) and I think it’s obvious little is unimaginable when you’re the world’s biggest tech company with a R&D spend last year of $10.8 Billion and a 25% of your 240,000 employees are working on R&D it’s quite obvious that these will be the mHealth tools we’ll have to work with by 2022 – RCGP take note!

Samsung Painless Patch Sensor Arrayed Antenna Sensor Design for Electromagnetic Wave Therapy

In the future Mobile Operators and 0-9 diallers will still exist!

Do we really need or want dialers for P2P Video Calls

Following the success of Google Hangouts, Skype and Apple’s FaceTime I think it’s unlikely (and rather unfortunate for those MNO’s who think change isn’t coming) that we’ll be placing a video call to our mothers by dialling a presence-unaware telephone number.

Perhaps this is a bit of humour from the futurists at Samsung?

In the future “Going to see the Doctor” will mean a Video Consult

At the end of the video there’s a scene in which a mother says to her daughter on a mobile video call “I might have to go and see the Doctor tomorrow, he sent me a message“.

Samsung Vision A Message from a Doctor

I think the Samsung Vision team would do well to rephrase this to better appreciate how these disruptive medical technologies will continue to drive innovation because they inherently collapse time and space eg. “The Doctor sent me a great video and I’ll have a Video Consult with the 3G Doctor in a hour if things don’t improve…

Don Jones VP Qualcomm Consulting with 3G Doctor's Dr F Kavanagh MRCGP

What I’d like to see more of?

I think for Samsung’s vision to be a winner it’s important that it is skating “to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been” (Wayne Gretzky).

I think to get the medical professional market onside with Samsung’s vision it would be a great idea for them to produce a collaborative Vision video with Kaiser Permanente (the world’s first major Mobile First Healthcare Brand) eg. a Samsung influenced update of this video.

Kaiser Permanente Vision of the Future of Healthcare

What do you think of Samsung’s Vision Video?

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