Flawed Google Glass re-Design highlights problems if we try to only “see” Augmented experiences

Google Glass Reimagined by Sourcebits

I recently commented on how the experience with Google Glass might have opened Google’s ears to the Augmented Audio Opportunity in such a way that they are preparing to launch the ‘Moto X’ Smartphone with an “Open Mic” feature that will provide voice recognition apps with always-on access to an ambient microphone.

I found the above reimagination of Google Glass by a team of talented designers, illustrators and 3D modellers at Sourcebits really highlights the need for completely new thinking about how we design electronic devices now that we can naturally talk with and operate them using our voice.

> What value would I get from an external visual way to see the battery level indicator?

> If the redesigned Sourcebits Google Glass device were being worn surely the user wouldn’t be able to see information on the arm of their spectacle frame and why wouldn’t they want to be receiving this information from the Glass Prism anyway?

> If they’re ‘off’ the user’s head then why not just interrogate them by asking “Glass – battery” or alternatively the act of picking them up or touching them could trigger an automatic battery level indication response (flat battery = nothing, remaining battery life could be indicated by the externally viewed colour of the “Glass Prism”).

HatTip: Dan Munro, Forbes.com Contributor

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