BBC Horizon documentary to profile mHealth tech

BBC 2 Horizon Monitor Me

Looking forward to watching this BBC Horizon documentary presented by Dr Kevin Fong tonight at 9pm on BBC2.

******Update: mHealth tech profiled in the programme******

Dr Eric Topol demoing the Alivecor ECG to Dr Kevin Fong

Alivecor ECG (Demo by Eric Topol at Scripps Health) (Click here to buy yourself one today with a discount AND free read – in UK/Ireland only)

Alivecor ECG

Dexcom Continual Glucose Monitoring (Demo by Eric Topol at Scripps Health)

Dexcom CGM

Masimo iSpO2 iPhone Connected Pulse Oximeter

Masimo iPhone Connected Pulse Oximeter

Ginger IO (Computing of Mobile behaviour to gain insights into health and depression)

Ginger IO

Shimmer Research (Performance and Gait Analysis of England Rugby Seven’s)

Shimmer Research

Skype Video Calling on iPad (App enabling Doctor to make a transatlantic video consultation with his Patients)

Skype Video Consulting with an informed remote Doctor

Philips Vital Sign Camera App

Philips Vital Signs App

Sleep by Motion X (Sleep Quality Analysis with Smartphone App)

Sleep by Motion X FullPower

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