Will ​Samsung’s “Galaxy Golden” break cover​ as an easy-to-use ​super-​Smartphone and ​what mHealthy things would you use that extra external screen for?

Samsung-Galaxy-Golden-FlipPhone reimagined for seniors

​Great to hear about this new flip phone from Samsung but very surprised there’s not yet an announcement for it to be made available to customers in Europe or the USA.

I can’t imagine why an organisation like the AARP (in the USA) or Tesco Mobile (in Europe) can’t see that this would be the ideal time for them to make a big splash and gain some ground in the rapidly growing senior smartphone market as if this was sold on contract bundled with some competitive and easy to understand service packages it’s easy to imagine it proving very popular.

In the above I’ve ​tried to help you imagine it modified to become an easy to use phone running Samsung’s S Health “Life Companion” on the external screen (which would be very straight forward for Samsung to provision) but here’s a few more suggestions for ways of using the extra external screen to add value if an easy-to-use flip smartphone like this was on the market today:

> Samsung Wallet (the Samsung Galaxy rival to Apple’s Passbook)

Consign membership and loyalty cards, travel tickets, boarding passes and coupons to the history books… …and if you lived in Richmond you could even conceivably head out for the day with no cash or cards in your purse (what’s a purse?).

> Photo Album

I still think a wrap is a great way of personalising a plastic electronic device for a senior but it should be easy to imagine the expanded personalisation opportunity that a time and location aware screen can offer.

> A Smart Security Notice

Not only could this discourage theft in the first place but it might also improve recovery rates eg. imagine a thief reading an automatically triggered message like this: “this phone is being tracked by the Metropolitan Police and we have already captured your photo and it has now been added to our circulated wanted list. Hand the mobile into a Police station in the next 20 minutes and there will be no charges pressed for it’s theft“.

> A next generation Sleep by Motion X App

Imagine adding an interactive audio/visual experience to the Sleep Quality monitoring/analysis Apps eg. your mobile phone (via the speakers and this external screen) create an optimal environment in which you sleep better based on calculations being made on data that the mobile is capturing from you in real time every night while you sleep.

> In case of Emergency

A neat ICE app running on the external screen (that was perhaps linked to an “S Band” so that it could be automatically activated in the event of a fall, change in Heart Rate, etc.) could ensure in the need of medical assistance a senior gets the right intervention promptly

Please feel encouraged to share in the comments ​any ideas you have for ways of using the extra external screen…

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