Is a ‘back to school’ ad that works proof that your mHealth offer is consumer ready?

Withings Back to School mHealth Advert

I noticed the above mHealth ad banner and it dawned on me that perhaps the ability to make such an effective banner is a good test for the market readiness of a mHealth offering?

In my opinion these direct ads really have to KISS (Keep It Simple & Short) as they obviously target parents are busy, distracted and in the market for only absolute requirements. I’m sure this will change in line with the expansion of social media rating/commentary of healthcare services (most Patients will still ask the guy who sells hotdogs in the atrium) but in my experience in 2013 the majority of successful services will be those that can convey their value proposition to carers via a glance at a small online ad.

Have you seen any mHealth Back to School adverts?

Please share with us any ads you’ve seen or could imagine and to help you get your ideas going here’s how I think the 3G Doctor service might be advertised (Back to University as our customers are obviously all aged 18+):

Back to University with 3G Doctor

Here’s how an ad for the Telcare Mobile Connected Blood Glucose monitor might look:

Back to School with Diabetes

How would you market your mHealth service in a Back to School Ad?

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