Where’s the evidence for mHealth tech driving cost savings?

Weighing the mHealth price tag against savings

This mHealth News article by Paul Cerrato has me thinking it’s either linkbait (and I’ve fallen for it!) or there’s a lot more confusion than I would expect about how the newest mass media has already transformed healthcare:

Although there’s little hardcore evidence to date that mobile health technology will dramatically reduce U.S. healthcare costs, several thought leaders are optimistic

With Walgreens making more money in their first 18 months with mobile than they made online in the last decade I think it’s obvious that we’re talking about a horse that’s already bolted when it comes to the question of “can you save money using mobile in healthcare?” but here are a few links that I think will help redirect the focus of those who are spending too much time looking to unproven mHealth possibilities when all around us cost saving impact is already being achieved by healthcare brands that are leading in the adoption of mHealth:

> The cost of a SMS Vs. a Stamped Addressed Envelope and staff to physically process it.

> The cost of Patients not arriving at the clinic for appointments Vs the cost of appointment reminder SMS’s.

> The cost of a Pharmacist answering calls Vs mHealth services that enable Patients & Carers to use SMS and Apps to achieve the same.

> The cost of equipping your staff with Pagers and building a Radio Antennae on your roof Vs the cost of communicating with them via SMS on the Mobiles they’ve already bought/paid for themselves (and it works everywhere).

> The cost of printing leaflets, distributing videos, building/heating/stocking/staffing libraries.

> The cost of printing, storing and moving X-Ray films within and between Hospitals and Clinics Vs the value of having anywhere/anytime access on your iPad.

> The total cost of cheap undocumented care Vs the savings and the scientific learning opportunities that emerge when you use patient tools that will avoid 40% of Patients having to visit a Doctor in their office in the first place.

> The Billions of £’s the NHS wasted because they built a platform to engage with Patients with the PC and Satellite TV rather than the Mobile First approach that’s set new records for Patient engagement at Kaiser Permanente.

> The cost of documenting and communicating millions of observations in the paper obsessed NHS Vs pressing a few buttons on an inexpensive iPod.

> The cost of continually paying to compensate Patients for data breaches Vs the much cheaper cost of implementing a secure mHealth tool for community healthcare workers to prevent data leak from happening in the first place.

> The cost of needing to use trained Healthcare Professionals to conduct heart screening and help prevent stroke Vs mHealth tools that can be used by anyone with less than 10 seconds of training.

> The $532 Billion annual cost associated with the out dated ways to manage blood sugar levels that we continue to pay more for.

> The cost of having clinicians travelling to visit their Patients Vs Video Calling them on their iPad.


If you can think of anything else that’s really obvious please add it in the comments and I’ll update the listing.

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