AT&T appoints Eric Topol MD as strategic advisor on emerging devices, mHealth products & services

ATT Welcomes Eric Topol MD as new Chief Medical Advisor

In a great development AT&T has announced the appointment of Dr Eric Topol MD as Chief Medical Advisor.

In addition to his must read book – The Creative Destruction of Medicine – and leadership at Scripts Health Dr Topol gave the worlds’ first medical school commencement speech to highlight the mHealth opportunity in which he told the first class of digital natives to ever become Doctors to prepare themselves “for what will undoubtedly be considered the biggest shakeup in history” and a future in which mobile video consultations will “reshape how we do office visits”.

With his new position at the helm of the US’s biggest telco – in 2013 AT&T’s revenues totalled $128.8 Billion – and talent for generating mainstream interest in mHealth innovation I’m thinking this development could prove to be a tipping point for mHealth in the USA.

Click here to follow Dr Topol on Twitter.

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