Eric Topol demos mHealth tech to give his book the Colbert Bump

Eric Topol demoing the iPhone ECG from Alivecor

let’s convert the smartphone into a medical deviceEric Topol introducing the Alivecor ECG to 1.5 Million viewers of last nights Colbert Report.

Products showcased included the Alivecor ECG (read notes on some of our early experiences with this breakthrough device here), Sotera’s ViSiMobile and CellScope’s camera attachment for iPhone.

I’ve noticed some people get confused about whether this type of innovation should be referred to as “Digital Health” or “Wireless Health” but I think this light hearted TV show makes it very clear that the reason this is all so exciting is because it’s mHealth eg. medical technology that is converging with the smart mobile devices that are already in our pockets.

Buy a copy of the Creative Destruction of Medicine today.

NB. If the Colbert official video doesn’t play for you click here to watch it on YouTube

2 Responses to Eric Topol demos mHealth tech to give his book the Colbert Bump

  1. […] Eric Topol MD has already demoed something very similar on Prime Time US TV shows (eg. CNBC and the Colbert Report) and we were providing similar smartphone based physical checkups for delegates at mHealth events […]

  2. […] wowing the audiences at Tech extravaganzas like CES or TechCrunchDisrupt or on Primetime News and Chat Shows because to me it’s obvious the Alivecor ECG is a piece of mHealth tech that has passed Arthur […]

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