You can’t yet video call 911 but ambulances in the US will now drive to you with an iPad so you can video call a Doctor!

Emergency services crews have already used the technology on one patient, a 59-year-old woman with diabetes who called 911 after experiencing anxiety, sweating and shakiness. After the emergency crew provided her with orange juice and a glucose solution, the woman felt better and told the first responders she didn’t want to go to the hospital. They offered her a telemedicine visit, via iPad, and after a short interview the doctor cleared her to stay home

Mobihealthnews EMS in Pennsylvania don't accept video calls but will send you an ambulance with an iPad in it on which you can video call them

Although it doesn’t make much sense to me (eg. Emergency Medical Service providers could save themselves the effort of responding in the first place if they just began accepting FaceTime Video calls made directly from Patients/Carers own smartphones and tablets) it’s great to see this starting to happen.

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