A few mHealth Insights into the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Casio C80

No surprises here (I watched Philip Kahn’s discussion of wearables closely) and I think Tomi Ahonen is spot on with regard to the economics and market success that this initial Apple Watch will achieve.

The likelihood is this isn’t going to be a financial hit for Apple (they should’ve made a hearing aid if they wanted that – but that gives them something for next year and the Apple Watch will ensure it has an all important prestigious brand) but it helped distract attention from their aggressive move into the $Billion payment industry and they really had no choice to do it when you understand the implications of this slide (that was shared in a different part of the keynote):

Rapid tech progression of iPhone over 7 years

We live in a decade set to be defined by the convergence of health to mobile (mHealth) so what chance would Apple have of survival if it didn’t have a position in the smart watch market when in 2022 consumers could buy the same functionality you see in the Apple Watch for just $7 or they are 25x slimmer/lighter and adhesive (so could be attached anywhere on the body) or the battery lasted for a month or they were 50x more accurate at sensing valuable biometric data?

Will I be buying one?

Absolutely. I’ve already had a client ask me to get one as soon as possible for a Veterinary application – with a modified strap $350 is very cheap if the health sensing tech proves to be accurate and elite Veterinarians, Trainers and Breeders will think nothing of spending the money to get additional insights from the valuable animals that they care for.

AlivecorECG being used on horse

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