Join us for the mHealth networking group meet up at the mHealth Summit in Washington DC


On the 7-11 December the world’s biggest mHealth industry gathering will convene in Washington DC for the 6th annual mHealth Summit, host to 5000 delegates and 300 exhibitors.

We’re again media partners, exhibitors (booth #516) and will be hosting a networker at our exhibition floor booth from 6pm on the Monday evening.

The mHealth networking group was founded on Linkedin in October 2008 and now has 7,700 members. If you’re not a member check out a who’s who of the group here and then sign up here to join in the discussions, share and learn more about global mHealth developments as they happen.

The meet up will take place between the times of 6.00pm and 7.30pm on Monday 8th December at our booth (#516) and there will be a very special gift from Ireland for every registered attendee thank’s to the very generous team at RelateCare.

To let us know you’ll be attending and introduce yourself/your interests to other attendees please complete the phrase “Talk to me about…” in the comments below with a link to your website/Linkedin profile.

mHealth Summit 2014

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29 Responses to Join us for the mHealth networking group meet up at the mHealth Summit in Washington DC

  1., the opportunity we have to make a difference when everyone has a Doctor in their pocket and how we could work together to improve patient outcomes.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group)

  2. …recruitment in the Connected Health niche. (I will be attending the mHealth Summit from Sunday night through Wednesday evening write me at rozbATsanfordroseDOTcom so we can set up a meeting time).

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group)

  3. …Always great to meet colleagues and friends from around the globe, Ideal Life has a booth (#711) and I will be there from Saturday the 6th until Wednesday the 10th.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group)

  4. …my new HIMSS book on mHealth Innovation on sale in the Summit bookstore, the panel I’m chairing on mHealth innovation (Monday @ 11am), always interested in meeting mHealth’s innovators and I’ll be attending the Summit for booth Monday and Tuesday.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group)

  5. …how the pieces are coming together and where we all fit, I look forward as always to meeting virtual colleagues and will be moderating a session on the Wednesday on adoption of mHealth by providers.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group)

  6. …mHealth therapy solutions, for sharing ideas, implementation/reimbursement hurdles. (This will be my first time at the summit).

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group)

  7. …cross-Atlantic cooperation. It’s my first time at the Summit and I’m mainly going to listen and learn, and to take good ideas and possible cooperation back with me to Belgium. If you want to get together let me know at roelsmolders1974ATgmailDOTcom.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group)

  8. …medication management, new product introductions/upgrades related to medication management. Hope to meet interested individuals at the Pharma Roundtable or contact me for an appointment.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group)

  9. …using mobile to deliver health education to expectant and new mothers in developing countries.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group)

  10. …the 2nd annual M2M Now Money Talks mHealth Conference on 9 December featuring the ultimate patient advocate Chris Dancy “the world’s most connected man” and M2M vendors Gemalto, KORE Telematics & Vodafone in the exhibition hall (Booth #311).

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group)

  11. …the Global mHealth Forum (a mHealth summit extension) and my talk on the topic of “mHealth – where youth hang out” (Thursday 10.45am-12.15pm), the results from our projects in Five African counties using mobiles to deliver health prevention messages to youth.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

  12. …IDA Ireland (the Economic Development Agency of Ireland) and my role helping American companies set up and grow their businesses in Ireland and Europe. Looking forward to it!

  13. …I will be there exhibiting MobiDox Health Technologies in the Startup Showcase, stop by our booth!

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

  14. …the MHealth Forum, IICD‘s (International Institute for Communication and Development) work supporting multiple e-Health and M-Health projects in developing countries (mainly in Africa: Ghana, Mali, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, DRC, Malawi) over the past 12 years, the “Partnerships: Finding the win-win-win” panel I’m participating in (15:00-16:45 on Tue 10 Dec), our experiences with the ‘Ma Sante’ project in Mali/Senegal which we have been operating with local NGO’s and Orange (Watch this french language video for an idea of what the project looks like).

    PS I do not have a health background at all – but in our programmes I have always been working very closely with local health staff and/or officials.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

  15. …current and future trends in mHealth space, my work on a mHealth initiative in Africa with Novartis at Global HQ and my next career challenge – let me know if you have any global challenging projects.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

  16. …your pursuit of improvements in mHealth enabled medication management, cooperation in our mutual interest, upcoming pharma conferences where we’ll be discussing service beyond the scrip.

    Please contact me at napDOTmonroeATnewdirectionsconsultingDOTnet to arrange an appointment.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

  17. …VisualDx mobile diagnostic CDS for professionals.

    I’ll be attending the mHealth Summit from Monday through Wednesday – visit our booth #511.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

  18. …your mHealth insights, Widex (one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hearing aids).

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

  19. GenerationOne and check out our booth #318.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

  20. …the Show Daily’s I’ll be putting together and my work covering the event for mHealth News. I’m always interested in new content – story ideas, blogs, commentary pieces and will be attending from Sunday through Thursday.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

  21. RelateCare‘s work with some of the best hospitals in the US connecting patients, providers and caregivers and ensuring that patients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

    RelateCare‘s range of Consultancy Solutions and Clinical Calling Programs to help health systems improve patient access, enhance patient experience, reduce re-admissions and lower costs.

  22. Would love to discuss e-Prescribing opportunities with 3G Doctor!

  23. …direct to patient research, integrating ePRO and device/wearable data, engagement programs (adherence, retention, education, etc), my company’s suite of technology products (Conversant Recruit, Conversant Observe, and Conversant Engage) and how they allow our clients to implement patient-centric research studies and engagement programs for a fraction of the time and cost one typically expects in this industry.

    After attending and learning a lot at the 2012 mHealth Summit, I’ll be back again this year on Monday and Tuesday (12/8 – 12/9). Feel free to send me a message if you’d like to meet up and chat. I’m always open to learning more about other’s projects, sharing lessons learned, and/or brainstorming solutions to challenges.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

  24. TapCloud (a powerful solution for gathering key patient information in between clinical visits), our initial implementations of one of the most comprehensive APPs for managing patients and improving clinician efficiency that are starting at major National, Midwest and Academic providers.

    We will be at booth #1035-28 in the StartUp ‘Mobile’ Health Pavilion from Sunday evening to Thursday afternoon and if you can’t make it to the booth, message or email me (lremenATtapcloudDOTcom) and we can set up an alternate time to meet. Because Outcomes Matter.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

  25. Alok Ghosh says:

    partnering with Big Pharma. I have over 20 years experience of building businesses at Merck and J&J.

    mHealth solutions are not well understood by Big Pharma. Previously, I built a wireless network for diabetes patients in Korea so I undrestand how to value an mHealth solution and gain adoption from Big Pharma.

    Look forward to meeting you at the Networking event…..David thanks for the invite. Best Alok

  26. …the Pharma Life Sciences Roundtable (being held on Wednesday the 10th at 1145am) – email me for details/an invitation: michaelATmm-cisDOTcom

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

  27. …the new company mPulse Mobile that we’re formally launching at the mHealth Summit.

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

  28. Viterion Digital Health (an early telehealth company started by Panasonic and Bayer Healthcare), our work with the Veterans Administration and impacting healthcare globally, recent acquisition by NSD (a large publicly traded, international IT Services Firm with deep roots in financial services), your visit to our booth (#913).

    (copy/pasted from the Linkedin mHealth Group).

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