Will the next Alexander Fleming be a Techie Parent​?​

​”​​…the reason I got into​ ​this is my daughter is a ​Diabetic​. She became a type 1 diabetic when she was 12 as a paranoid tech dad I looked at the supply chain and I said so if everything goes bad, how long does my daughter live? And I found the the supply chain for insulin in Ireland was three​ ​weeks​. There is three weeks ​of ​stock​​ and that’s it you’re done. So I said that’s unacceptable ​​and I looked around and you know I’d heard that​ BioTech is getting more​ ​automated and stuff​ and I price​d​ a lab ​at​ about ​fifty grand ​in ​wh​ich I would be able to make my daughter insulin​. (Q.​ ​How​ ​long ago was that​?​) Th​at ​was a eighteen months ago​, it’s probably cheaper now but that said to me if I could do that ​and I’m a programmer and an investor I’m pretty sure we’re at the point where we can have so many entrepreneurs come in and really tackle the kinds of problems that everyone care about… …that’s where you get cambrian explosion. Tens of thousands of people saying “hey look it’s an open source world now!”​ That’s happened that’s happened now​“​

​I’ve noticed techy Parents​ increasingly look at out of date medical devices with a similar bemusement as children and can’t wait to see what mHealth innovations I have no doubt will be developed by the Coda Dojo community over the next few years (Bill Liao also cofounded this incredible global network of free computer programming clubs for young people).

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