Dr Daniel Kraft describes the ‘Physician of the Future​’

…[6:40]Now that there’s an explosion of data and information you need the Doctor combined with IBM Watson and the Human Touch. So I think the Physician of the future will be looking a bit different, still needs to know their anatomy and their basic science but they’ll blend that with Information Technology, Mobile Apps new ways of integrating information to be much more proactive and continuous about healthcare as opposed to where we are now where we are now which is very reactive and intermittent. So if I was to summarise where the future of medicine is going: we’re today in a sickcare system not a healthcare system and with the emergence of mobile and sensors and big data and omics we can shift we can shift from being intermittent and reactive to being proactive and continuous and that can make a huge difference individually and for the lives of our societies and countries

Dr Daniel Kraft

I agree 100%. What do you think?

E O Wilson Quote

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1 Response to Dr Daniel Kraft describes the ‘Physician of the Future​’

  1. rgrosssz says:

    Thanks for sharing. I also fully agree, but would add that now, more than ever, among all the technology marvels and tools that exponentially enhance our capabilities to be better care-givers and health-keepers, it is important that the physician cultivates and maintains his/her humanity, the personal touch…. the Art of Medicine, so that we indeed are truly faithful to our individual oath.

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