‘Talking is a sign of strength, not of weakness’

I think being able to talk to somebody who is third party, completely objective, didn’t care what I said to him, was probably the best thing that happened to me… …the most important thing I did was seeking someone to talk to, someone to share your difficulties and experiences with just because through them you’re stronger

University College Dublin Students share their mental health stories, and encourage fellow students to ‘Please Talk’ about their difficulties. For a list of the support services in your college visit PleaseTalk.ie

A glance at how young people use their mobiles and I think it’s key that mental health services designed to serve younger populations need to urgently address access problems so that it’s easier to make the first contact. Do you think it’s time we swapped ‘texting’ for ‘talking’ (eg. “texting is a sign of strength, not of weakness”) as a more effective way to engage young people?

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