How can we help prevent unethical and dangerous alternative uses of mHealth tech?

Dale Fox at Exponential Medicine 2013 THe worlds smallest XRay Machine

Watching this interesting Exponential Medicine 2013 talk by Dale Fox, CEO of Tribogenics, and I can’t help but think that the low cost pocketable X-Ray machine that his company has developed (that runs on nothing more than a 9 volt battery) is going to disrupt more than medical imaging as X-Ray technology finally arrives at it’s “transistor moment”.

Although I really don’t like to have to I’ve commented on several unethical applications of mHealth tech but I think the unintended ‘weapon’ applications of a pocketable inexpensive X-Ray machine will make these very obvious (take a look at the logistics, expense and collateral damage involved in the Russian state-sponsored operation to fatally poison Alexander Litvinenko).

Can you think of any ways that we can help ensure that mHealth technologies aren’t misused to cause harm instead of deliver health?

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