“Here’s my mobile phone number” is now one of the most caring things a Healthcare Professional can say.

Mary Haight Living with Hepatitis C is tough so I give my mobile number to Patients

I usually give my mobile number to patients and tell them to ring if they have a problem, much to the horror of my colleagues. I’m semi-retired now so don’t mind if people call. Some ring because of the side-effects of the medication, others because they need reassurance or a friendly voice… …My guilty pleasure is the American show Judge Judy, where a real-life judge sorts out people’s domestic disputes. She’s great. She sees things as they are, cuts to the chase and offers a practical solution. Maybe we should invite her to join the NHS

Mary Haight, Hepatitis Nurse Specialist, Hillingdon Hospitals Foundation Trust

Useful link: Here’s the form you need to nominate someone for a National Honour.

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