Inspiring video for developers looking to focus on mHealth

I think this (the adoption of mHealth) is going to take much less time than we think…. (in 2010 at the WLSA meeting in front of 200 people) Rob McCray (WLSA Founder) stood up and asked “How long do you think it will be before the FDA clears the first wireless medical device?” and somebody handed me a microphone and I said “the right question to ask is how long is it going to be before the FDA will refuse to clear a medical device that’s not cloud connected?”… …the thing that has me most excited is that young people, people who have no interest in doing what they have to do to go to medical school are suddenly interested in becoming part of the solution and all of a sudden there’s capital available and people are recognising that this is one of the great challenges of the 21st century and they want to get onboard. Clearly as a Physician I wholeheartedly support Physicians in being a part of this but as an entrepreneur the fact that people who are not Physicians, who are never going to be Physicians, can see one particular part of the problem that they can make work better are getting involved in doing this instead of building another cellphone or printer or whatever else. The fact that Health has captured their imagination is incredibly exciting… …the most important thing is to recognize that there’s no monopoly on good ideas

Thanks to StartupHealth for sharing this Jonathan Javitt interview.

It’s the opportunity for entrepreneurs that Jonathan describes that I think make the mHealth market such an innovative new area of medicine. Who would be on your mHealth dream team?

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