How Mobile First Clinical Trials & Ratings will transform the $100B Clinical Research Industry

Last week in Edinburgh at the Mobile Clinical Trial Congress I gave a talk about how Mobile First Clinical Trials will transform the $100 Billion p/a Clinical Research Industry. You can view the slide deck here and watch a recording of the talk and slides in the above YouTube video.

Some links to points made and companies mentioned in the talk that you may find helpful:

3G Doctor

Instant Medical History by Primetime Medical.

John Bachman MD’s Mayo Clinic Proceedings Paper evaluating the use of Instant Medical History

Amazon MayDay: Buy a $400 Kindle and get 24/7 video call assistance with 15 sec response time – pay £108 Billion/year for the NHS & you can’t even use the tools of our time.

The AllTrials Campaign and my thoughts on AllConsultations

Laurie Becklund: LA Times: As I lay dying and ‘Treat me like a statistic and save my life’ Medicine X Talk

LinkedIn mHealth Group (check out some member introductions)

Eric Topol: Twitter @EricTopol, his thoughts on Apple Research Kit, check out his latest best selling book.

Apple Watch (my initial thoughts) & ResearchKit.

Learn more about Google Hangouts.

The opportunity to silently listen & give Patients time to share their story.

Video of the born mobile generation trying to comprehend the iconic Sony Walkman.

Telcare’s Mobile Connected Glucometer. Some of my thoughts on how such embedded mobile connectivity will advance how we care for Patients and use data intelligently).

The 2,000 year old model of healthcare is broken forever and the opportunity to consign this approach to history won’t make sense until we all appreciate that the product the healthcare industry makes is not office visits.

Alivecor smartphone connected ECG: My initial thoughts on this device in 2010 and after getting to trial it in the clinic back in 2011, the Alivecor passes Arthur C Clarkes 3rd law, Alivecor founder channels Steve Jobs with one more thing and a new use for that little pocket on your jeans

Philippe Kahn share’s his insights into Wearables (sleep monitoring is the low hanging fruit).

Bridgit Duffy: The mother Test.

Inspector Columbo: “My wife…”

Interact with us on Twitter @mHealth

Can you think of anything that I missed or should’ve mentioned?

*** UPDATE FRIDAY 10th APRIL 2015 ***

Some interesting feedback on my talk was posted on Twitter by Craig Lipset (Head of Clinical Innovation at Pfizer) and Joseph Kim (Senior Advisor, Clinical Innovation, Eli Lilly and Company):

Twitter chat about my Mobile First Clinical Trial presentation MCTCongress 2

While I’m only advocating Pharma takes a ‘Mobile First’ approach (read this post by Tomi Ahonen to get a full understanding of what this means) to Clinical Trials it’s interesting that Apple’s currently the only mobile brand that I think has so far put together (with the combination of it’s 700 million devices, HealthKit, ResearchKit, app & accessory partners) an offering that will enable this.

It’s not that I think there’s something technical that no one else can do but that Apple has already engaged the Healthcare provider community, disrupted the mobile industry and as Seth Godin explains so elegantly choices are contagious:

Seth Godin Enthusiasm and Contempt are both self fulfilling

To have any hope of making the radical change in the Clinical Trial industry that I suggest in my talk Apple’s in a very fortunate position because Hospitals, Healthcare Professionals and Patients are showing up with enthusiasm for Apple’s products and services. The success of things like Apple’s FaceTime, WiFi calling/sms, Pay, etc, might seem inconsequential to someone with deep Pharma industry expertise but they mean that Patients and Carers are arriving having made the decision to get involved because they know to some extent what to expect.

*** UPDATE FRIDAY 17th APRIL 2015 ***

There’s at least 2 interesting ResearchKit discussions taking place in the Linkedin mHealth group that are well worth checking out/joining:

ResearchKit discussion in mHealth Group

One thought on “How Mobile First Clinical Trials & Ratings will transform the $100B Clinical Research Industry

  1. I sincerely believe that clinical trials will continue to grow their presence on mobile platforms. More an more, we see that the companies conducting clinical research are making use of mobile technology to increase patient enrollment and retention, interacting with them through a venue in which they are most likely to remain engaged. This is an invaluable tool, and I foresee it becoming the standard for any company that wants to emerge as a leader in this industry.

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