Do I need a Doctor?

BBC Health Visions Do I need a Doctor

The great medical iconoclast Ivan Illich said 60 years ago that the greatest single advance in medicine would not be some new drug or procedure but an increased ability for Patients to care for themselves. Today I think that is what health policy is saying as well but we’re not putting our money where our mouth is and neither I think are we taking health as seriously as we’re taking disease. We focus too much on the operations on hearts and limbs and eyes for diabetics many years later on or gastric banding for those who are overweight but what we’ve got to start taking far more seriously is preventing those Patients needing those interventions in the first place because it’s not only better for them but it’s also important for making the healthcare service sustainable for the future…

Some interesting ‘Healthy Visions’ from Devon GP Dr Michael Dixon (from 5min this BBC Radio 4 programme).

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