Join us at Wearables Europe, London 27-28 May 2015

Wearables Europe

Held at the​ ​Marriott Hotel Kensington London​ ​the​ ​Wearables Europe Conference is dedicated to the future of Wearable Technology and​ ​discussion of ways to​ ​drive consumer adoption.

For an introduction/backgrounder on the mHealth opportunity to transform our perception of wearables ​spend some time thinking about Disco Dog jackets!

Key ​​programme topics will include:

>​ ​W​hat are the killer apps that will encourage mass consumer adoption of ​wearable tech?
​>​ How Wearables are going to make us healthier
​> Wearable business models
> Designing for fashion, functionality, continuous engagement and persistent use
> Case studies from across the wearable tech world
> ​Wearables in Enterprise
> The future of wearables​

Keynote speakers will include:

Grant Allen,Technology Program Manager & Principal Architect,​ ​Google
Michael Apollo, Head of Mind Sciences, Interaxon
Dan Cui, VP Sales & Business Development, Vuzix
Michael Dillhyon, President, Vital Connect Europe
David Doherty, coFounder, 3G Doctor
Andrew D’Souza, President, Nymi
Claire Duke-Woolley, Fashion Tech Analyst, Beecham Research
Matthew Duke-Woolley, Augmented Reality Analyst, Beecham Research
Anastasia Emmanuel, UK Hardware Technology and Design, IndieGoGo
Pierre Frouin, CEO, Bioserenity
Alek Gross, Head of Sports Sciences, Southampton FC
Nick Hunn, CTO, Wifore
George Jijiashvilli, Wearable Analyst, CCS Insight
Jerry Joseph, COO/CLO & Co-Founder, Pancreum
Sam Lehmann, Conference Producer, Telecoms IQ
Barry McNeill, CEO of Europe ME & Asia, Catapult Sports
Seokmin Moon, CEO, Lineable Inc
Sara Nevarro Medina, Business Dev & Wearable Strategy, Droiders
Amish Patel, Head of Experiences and Design, Microsoft Band
Ravinder Saini, President, Biosensive Technologies Inc
Shuvadeep Sarkar, Founder, ReTiSense
Tom Shrive, CEO, Arc Wearables
Carl Thomas, CEO, Audiowings & Organiser, Wearables London Meetups
Nigel Townsend, Managing Director, Kiroco
James Tuckett, Founder, InvestUp
Catalin Voss, Founder, Sension Inc
Sonny Vu, CEO & Founder, Misfit Wearables

My talk will be titled: “How Wearables will transform the EHR (Electronic Disease Record)” and if you refresh this post on the 28th May you’ll be able to watch a video of my talk.

​Follow the event on Twitter #WearablesEurope, register here on ​the Wearables Europe website​ (​standard price is €2,599​ but ​get in touch via the comments if you would like a promo code) and get in touch with the Conference Producer Samuel Lehmann on telephone/email +44 (0) 20 7368 9825/[email protected].

On the evening of Thursday 28th there will also be a mHealth networking dinner in a private members club in Mayfair sponsored by Alivecor – the company that developed the incredible mHealth sensor that turns your smartphone into a FDA Cleared Medical Device as seen in the stunning Apple TV commercials. Get in touch via email or the comments if you’d like to join us for this (places are limited).

*** *** UPDATE 22 May 2015 *** ***

If you’re in London and aren’t attending the dinner you might like to join the #WearablesLondon Wearable Tech meetup being held on Thursday 28th May from 7-9:30pm at R/GA London Head Office,
151 Rosebery Avenue, EC1R 4AB, London.

*** *** UPDATE 1 June 2015 *** ***

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