Can mHealth applications even change our perception of Disco Dog coats?


Okay so it’s quite obvious most journalists are finding this ‘successful’ kickstarter project to be a really bad idea but does your perception change if the developers were able to add a wearable biosensor to the inside of that jacket (like the low cost FDA cleared Alivecor ECG sensor that are being bought by Veterinarians from AlivecorVet) and pair the biosensor output with the lights so dog trainers could more easily and effectively train their dogs olfactory system for cancer screening/detection (eg. detecting prostate cancer specific volatile organic compounds in urine samples).

The athlete opportunity is huge (some really innovative work is being done to enhance athlete training, prevent heart attacks, etc) but perhaps you’re still not convinced? What if a later version could be worn by a child who suffered from epilepsy and it could give them and their carers advance warning of a seizure?

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