What can a Doctor do for a Patient over a Video Call?


The born mobile generation don’t understand medical devices that aren’t connected. They regard convenience to be a measure of the quality of the healthcare services they receive. When they order something they check their Amazon app just a few hours later to see when it’s arriving. They think that there’s nothing that a YouTube video can’t teach them. They trust social media more than the advice of Professionals and they’re prepared to hack their medical devices with advice from people they’ve only met on the internet. They expect interactions with Doctors to be documented.​ They don’t want Carers who still think office visits are the product that they make because they expect us to use the tools of our time as they are so aware of the human inefficiencies that they would like all their care to happen without going to the Doctors office

We all need to appreciate that mHealth makes expensive, inconvenient & impossible health care experiences inexpensive, ubiquitous & super convenient because when you are asking ‘what are the benefits of a documented consult with a Doctor over a Video Call?‘ the born mobile generation are struggling to think of reasons why you wouldn’t want to video consult with a Doctor…

The 3G Doctor Can See You Now

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