The Evidence is in: AskMyGP is helping NHS GPs work at the top of their licence

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“…(10:30) AskMyGP has meant that we can streamline the workload from a very early stage and find the correct person to deal with the specific queries and a fair amount of concerns are related to admin and I think we’re all happy that that chunk is taken out as before we just had Patients having to come in for a repeat prescription because they just didn’t know how the repeat medication system works and that you don’t need the GP to do that, or a sick note, or to check where their referral has got to which again we would see as a more secretarial role….

…(11:40) in terms of a consultation that before would be probably 10 or slightly more minutes it’s Dr-Rupert-Bankartnow some 2 or 3 or 4 minutes, which means we can get through the Patients more quickly and efficiently and as you can see from the results most Patients like it…

…(20:11) I think some Patients find it very positive to be able to get it all down on paper, so to speak, and make sure it’s submitted and I think some people don’t want to do any of the work necessarily but having said that if it works well for them it’s well worth the investment on their part…

…(22:30) IN REPLY TO HARRY ASKING WHAT DIFFERENCE HAS THIS MADE TO YOUR WORKING LIFE AS A DOCTOR? Well it’s put us strategically in a very different position. The role of the GP has typically been a scenario where anything can walk in the door next and you haven’t got a clue what it is. It seems in my view to be the main reason Consultants don’t go into General Practice because they like to know exactly what’s going to walk in the door. This has changed General Practice in that respect. We now have a very good idea, intact probably 90% of the information potentially, right up front before we even contact the Patient and that puts us in a very strong advantage point. It’s enabled us as a Practice to get through Patients more efficiently and our responses are quicker and it now takes less hours in the day to get through and sort out the Patients and this means we potentially get home earlier which in this day and age is an important thing…”

Harry Longman, coFounder AskMyGP, talks with Dr Rupert Bankart about the use of AskMyGP at his NHS practice in Peterborough.

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I’ve lost count of the number of NHS GPs who told me over the years that this approach could only work in America but can you now…

…see how this smarter approach will make the GP career more appealing to the type of Professionals we want doing the job?

…see how this approach is helping take the time pressures off the GP/Patient consultation?

…see how this approach is helping us build a system that goes beyond the 2000 year old broken office visit model and makes it possible for us to start managing chronic diseases effectively in Primary Care?

…see how this approach is making it possible for GPs to better manage Patients who want to share information with them?

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There’s now the option: you can pretend it’s hard to find good quality mHealth apps that Patients will want to use or ignore the evidence and join the ranks of NHS GPs who are blaming Patients for wasting their time because their Primary Care needs don’t fit with your rushed office appointment model… 

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